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Adin Ross Wiki 

Adin Ross, also known as Adin David Ross, is a social media star, YouTuber, streamer, and gamer from the United States. Adin Ross has a net worth of $40 million as of 2024. He is popularly known for his gaming and streaming videos on his Twitch channel.

In addition, he is well-known for sharing gameplay from Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K on his Twitch and YouTube channels. Recently, he made the headlines when he kissed the popular social media star, Corinna Kopf, during a live stream video.

Adin Ross Wiki

Real NameAdin Ross 
Date of birth11 October, 2000
Height 5 feet 7 inch  
Weight73 kg 
Eye colorBrown
Birth PlaceBoca Raton, Florida
SchoolWoodlake Union High School
ParentsFather: Not know

Mother: Not know

Material statusUnmarried
GirlfriendNot know
Networth40 million dollar(not exactly)

Adin Ross’s Early life

Wikipedia claims that Adin was born in Boca Raton, Florida, in the United States. On October 11th, he used to celebrate his birthday annually. He was born in 2000, so he is currently 21 years old.

When he was only twelve years old, a mentally ill relative stabbed him. After being stabbed, his arm required nine stitches. After that, his relative was booked into jail and admitted to a mental health facility. To further enhance Adin’s educational background, he attended Woodlake Union High School.

At Woodlake Union High School, Adin Ross completed his high school education. Details about his graduation degree, though, are still absent from the media.

He plays football in addition to being an avid gamer. Adin is a football player for the Glacier Boys. He disclosed in 2022 that he works as an executive for FCF Glacier Boys. Adin, Richard Sherman, and Quaver Destroying founded the indoor football team FCF Glacier Boyz in 2020.

Adin Ross Career

His adventure started on Twitch, where he lived with his sister Naomi Ross, and streamed frequently. When he joined the NBA 2K group Always Excelling and began playing NBA 2K20 alongside Bronny James, his popularity skyrocketed and he began to wager matches against other YouTubers and streamers.

Adin moved from Twitch to Kick in 2024, a new streaming service that Trainwreck, a well-known content creator, co-owns. This action was a component of an exclusivity agreement that greatly boosted his remarkable $10 million earnings from Kick alone each year.

In addition to his work in streaming, Adin Ross is a successful businessman who founded a car rental company that brings in over $5 million a year.

Adin Ross Career

Adin has endured multiple controversies and bans on Twitch, but his fortitude and commitment to his work have not faltered. During these difficult times, his supporters have come together and trended hashtags like #FreeAdin on Twitter in his honor.

His accomplishments are a result of his perseverance, originality, and audience-connecting skills. It is evident that Adin Live’s greatest accomplishment is his flourishing career and the enormous popularity he enjoys among his millions of subscribers and viewers, even though specific awards are not mentioned in the context that is provided.

Adin Ross Relationship/Girlfriend

A video of Adin and female YouTuber Corinna Kopf went viral on the internet on February 16, 2021. Adin uploaded the video to his YouTube channel. The live lip-kissing scene between Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf was the primary reason this video went viral. During a live stream, Adin gave Corinna an open kiss. Even though they are not romantically involved, they both kiss and cause a stir.

Aside from the controversy surrounding his kissing Corinna, Adin continued to date a woman by the name of Stacey. In his Twitch streaming videos, Stacey was frequently seen. Adin was seen sharing love quotes with Miss Pamibaby, a Lip-sync and creator of beauty content, after spending romantic time with Stacey.

Pamibaby is a well-known social media personality with a sizable fan base. Adin was last seen posting a picture with Sommer Ray, a social media model, a few months after having fun with Pamibaby.

Adin Ross Net Worth

Adin David Ross, a professional Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and gamer from Boca Raton, Florida, is 22 years old and has accomplished incredible success at an early age. One of the richest gamers in the world, he is thought to be worth $40 million.

Adin Ross began live streaming NBA 2K20 on Twitch alongside renowned high school basketball player Bronny James. After that, the pair began participating in wager matches with other Twitch users, which attracted a sizable viewership.


What Makes Adin Ross Such a Hit?

Playing NBA 2K20 with James and participating in wager matches with other YouTubers and streamers helped him become well-known.

Does Adin Ross Come From a Wealthy Family?

most renowned for GTA V and NBA 2K20 streaming. Adin Ross comes from a wealthy part of Boca Roton, Florida. Since he was not raised in poverty, he had the means, the time, and the energy to get started.

How Did Andrew Tate and Adin Ross Meet?

Since the middle of 2022, Twitch streamer Adin Ross and contentious internet celebrity Andrew Tate have been acquainted. Both of them say they are excellent friends, even though the latter is incarcerated. When Andrew Tate accepted Adin’s invitation to join his Twitch stream, they had their first online meeting.

How Does Adin Ross Generate Income?

Adin Ross’s contract with Kick pays him more than $10 million a year as of this writing. The streamer balances his livestream career on Kick and YouTube with investments in stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other income streams.

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