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Baylen Levine

On October 30, 2000, Baylen Levine was born to American parents in Roswell, Georgia, the United States. Ben Dover is his true name. His sun sign is the Scorpio. He attended a nearby high school but was expelled due to his YouTube channel. Since then, he hasn’t even thought about his time in school and has focused entirely on creating his YouTube videos.

The family of Baylen consists of four people. Adam Levine is his father, while Krystal Levine is his mother. His entire family made multiple appearances in his YouTube broadcasts. Lilah Levine, his younger sister, is his name. According to his dating history, he had a long-term relationship, but he is currently single.

Baylen Levine wiki

Real NameBaylen Levine
Date of birthOctober 30, 2000
Height 6 feet 
Birth PlaceRoswell, Georgia, USA
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Light brown
SchoolNot know
ParentsFather: Adam Levine

Mother: Mrs. Levine

Marital statusSingle
Networth2 million dollar

Baylen Levine Carrer

His YouTube channel was launched on December 29, 2017. “Farting on People Prank” was the title of his debut video, which was posted on January 19, 2018, by the user. He then resumed posting videos on a regular basis.

He was summoned to the school’s principal’s office in March 2018 to discuss his YouTube channel. He wasn’t permitted to shoot on school property, but the principal indicated there was no issue with his footage.

baylen Levine Carrer

A few months later, he was given two choices when he was summoned back into the office. One option is to quit school or shut down his YouTube channel. Baylen made the decision to quit school and follow his YouTube ambition. His friends who helped him create his videos were also suspended.

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After a few days, Baylen quit school and started a diss track in his high school.
He resumed his YouTube routine, and as the videos got more amusing, his channel’s growth accelerated. “Funniest Videos 2018!” was one of the most popular videos. It was a compilation of all the funniest clips from 2018. In April 2018, his channel achieved 100,000 subscribers.
He currently has more than 3.75 million subscribers and 497 million total views on YouTube.

Baylen Levine’s Net worth

The estimated value of Baylen Levine’s net worth is $1.5 million. His major sources of consistent revenue are YouTube and merchandising. He has been constantly uploading videos to YouTube as a full-time YouTuber for the past five years.

Even though he only posts one video every week, his channel has an average of 15 to 20 million monthly views. Our calculations indicate that he might be earning about $50,000 in ad income each month. In terms of sponsorships, he hardly ever collaborates with any company.


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On a website bearing his name, he operates an internet store. The YouTuber has offered clothing and accessories with original artwork and slogans like “Frick Vape,” “It’s Just a PS4”, “Mature People Are Weenies,” etc. on the store. Every now and then, he comes up with new ideas. In actuality, he generates a respectable quantity of sales, and this source helped to maintain him when his YouTube ad revenue was insufficient.

What Caused Baylen Levine to Be Expelled From School?

Baylen explained what happened in a video titled “Why I Had to Leave My High School” that was released in 2018. He stated how his friend was found passing out business cards promoting the channel that included a picture of Kate Upton in a bathing suit in March of his senior year and he was summoned to the principal’s office as a result.

Facts About Baylen Levine

  • He enjoys both Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean a lot.
  • Lil Yachty is his preferred rapper, and he views himself as his greatest inspiration.
  • He doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t drink. In fact, he exhorts his audience to avoid becoming dependent on these things.
  • He started his YouTube channel mostly because he disliked the concept of working a job and wanted to become well-known so that he could motivate many young people.

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  • He has worked with numerous other YouTubers, such as Steezy Kane and Dylan Polley.
  • He gave his father a surprise gift of $40,000 in October 2020 as a thank-you for all that he had given up to provide him with an excellent education. He was a capable driver, but he never obtained a license. After passing the driving exam with just one mark over the minimum required, he recently received his license.
  • He became the legal owner of his own home in January 2021 at the age of 20. He also mentioned how people encouraged him to enroll in college and find a legitimate career because they dubbed him a high school dropout. Baylen experienced a vision that led him to where he is today.

Frequently Ask Question

Why is Baylen Levine Popular?

When his followers are joyful or even unhappy, Baylen never fails to make them laugh. He encourages his followers to pursue their goals and to never pay attention to those who spread hate and negativity. Many of his fans have also been motivated by him to start their own YouTube accounts and produce original videos.

Where Will Baylen Levine Be Performing in 2023?

August Hall in San Francisco, California. The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, California on July 16, 2023. Phoenix, Arizona’s Crescent Ballroom on July 19, 2023.

Tickets for Baylen Levine Cost How Much?

The cost of tickets for a Baylen Levine comedy concert can vary depending on the location of your seats and the venue. Live performances by Baylen Levine normally cost $53 to $129 per ticket, depending on the show and the location.

Baylen Levine Reached $2 Million When?

In June 2020, Levine attracted a million members. Levine continues to produce content for YouTube and has acquired over 2 million subscribers as of December 2021.

The Duration of a Baylen Levine Show.

How long does Baylen Levine last? The duration of a show often ranges from 1.5 to 3 hours. For more details on the performance, including the duration, intermissions, and encores, visit the Baylen Levine official website.

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