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American rapper, hip-hop media executive, and reality TV personality Benzino was born Raymond Scott. As a part of the hip-hop group “The Almighty RSO” in the 1990s, he rose to fame. Later, Benzino co-founded the renowned hip-hop publication “The Source” magazine.

He’s done solo music releases and cameos on reality shows such as “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Benzino’s career has been distinguished by his roles in the media, his appearances in the entertainment business, and his contributions to hip-hop culture. He has had both success and controversy throughout his career, which has added to hip-hop’s varied terrain.

Benzino Wiki

Real NameBenzino
Date of birthJuly 18, 1965
Height 5 feet 2 inch 
Weight77 kg 
Eye colorBrown
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts, USA
SchoolNot know
UniversityHarvard University 
ParentsFather:  Yusuf Ibn Shabazz

Mother:  Mary Scott 

Material statusDivorced
Ex- wifeHeart
Children Coi Leroy 
Networth500$ thousand dollar

Benzino Early Life

Born Raymond Scott in Boston, Massachusetts on July 18, 1965, Benzino had a prominent early career in the hip-hop scene. In the 1990s, he was recognized for his contributions to the hip-hop genre when he co-founded the group “The Almighty RSO”. In addition to his musical career, he co-founded “The Source” magazine, which had a significant impact on the hip-hop media landscape.

Benzino was active in music and the media during his formative years, emerging as a prominent figure in hip-hop culture. His career has been shaped by both successes and controversies throughout his time in the entertainment industry.

Benzino Personal Life

Benzino is a multiethnic person. His mother, Mary Scott, was German and from Cape Verde, and his father, Edward DeDeJesus, was African American and Puerto Rican. Maureen Scott and Anita Scott-Wilson are his sisters. The rapper and his daughter, Coi Leray, had a falling out in 2021 after she made fun of Benzino in a song called No More Parties (the remix).

Benzino has dated Althea Heart and Karlie Redd. In November 2015, Benzino and Heart welcomed a son into their union, but they soon called off their engagement. Together, they made an appearance on Season 6 of the TV series Marriage Boot Camp, which followed their strained union.

Benzino Personal Life

Benzino was shot on March 29, 2014, in Duxbury, Massachusetts, following his attendance at his mother’s funeral. His 36-year-old nephew Gai Scott shot him in the shoulder and back; Scott was later taken into custody.

Benzino Education

The rapper attended Harvard University as his alma mater. One of his classmates at university was David Mays, a friend he made there. For the two friends, they shared a common interest: hip-hop wrappers. Soon after graduation, the friends noticed a gap in the market. They worked together on The Source, a magazine that featured stories about hip hop. The journal gained popularity and featured R&B as well.

Benzino Career

Born Raymond Scott, Benzino has had a varied career in the hip-hop scene. He rose to fame as a rapper in the 1990s and was a part of the hip-hop group “The Almighty RSO.” Later, he made a significant contribution to hip-hop media by co-founding “The Source,” a well-known hip-hop magazine.

Benzino kept up his musical career by working on solo and group projects. He also gained notoriety for his appearances on reality TV programs, like “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Although Benzino’s journey in the entertainment industry has not been without controversy, he has received recognition for his contributions to hip-hop culture and his role in the media throughout his career.

Benzino Age

Benzino is 59 years old and was born on July 18, 1965. The hip-hop group “The Almighty RSO” helped the American rapper and media executive become well-known in the 1990s. In addition to co-founding “The Source” magazine, Benzino has had a significant influence on hip-hop culture and has had a varied career that includes solo music and reality TV appearances.

Benzino Height and Weight

According to the information given, Benzino weighs 77 kilograms (170 pounds) and stands 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall. Remember that these specifics could change, so for up-to-date, trustworthy information on a person’s physical characteristics, it’s always a good idea to consult the most recent sources.

Benzino Net Worth

Benzino, a rapper, media executive, and reality TV personality, has established himself in the hip-hop industry. His estimated net worth is $500,000. His varied background in music and media, along with his co-founding of “The Source” magazine, has improved his financial situation in the entertainment sector.


Who is the Wife of Benzino?

Is Benzino wed? Althea and Benzino were previously engaged, but they broke it off. He hasn’t married anyone, so their relationship didn’t end in marriage.

Benzino, is He Hispanic?

Benzino is a multiethnic person. His mother, Mary Scott, was German and from Cape Verde, and his father, Edward DeDeJesus, was African American and Puerto Rican.

For What is Benzino Well-known?

Rapper Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott and who was once the CEO and co-owner of The Source, a well-known hip-hop publication in the US, was born in 1964. Benzino, who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, met Dave Mays, the founder of The Source, while she was a student at Harvard University.

How Did Benzino Amass Fortune?

Benzino’s successful music career, his co-founding of The Source Magazine, his business endeavors, and his TV appearances brought him wealth.

How Did Benzino Generate Income?

Benzino was a co-founder of The Source, a prominent hip-hop industry publication. His popularity was further enhanced by his participation in the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Through his business endeavors and charitable endeavors, Benzino has varied his sources of income.

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