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Craig Kimbrel Biography

Huntsville, Alabama, Born on May 28, 1988, Craig Kimbrel is a highly-rated American professional baseball pitcher. He has played for a number of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, such as the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago White Sox. He is renowned for his dominating fastball and excellent strikeout abilities.

Who is Craig Kimbrel?

As one of the best closers in the game, Kimbrel has established himself through numerous All-Star appearances and honors. He has a distinguished career full of saves and a track record of dependability in the late innings. Kimbrel is a baseball fan favorite due to his unusual pre-pitch stance and fierce intensity.

Craig Kimbrel Bio

Real NameCraig Kimbrel 
ProfessionBaseball pitcher
Date of birth28 May 1988
Height 6 feet
Weight95 kg
Birth PlaceHuntsville, Alabama, USA
Eye color Not know
Hair Color Not know
SchoolNot know
EducationNot know
ParentsFather:  Mike Kimbrel

Mother: Sandy Kimbrel  

WifeAshley Holt Kimbrel
Children1 daughter
Networth5 million dollar

Who is Craig Kimbrel?

American pitcher Craig Kimbrel has experience competing in Major League Baseball (MLB). He was born in Huntsville, Alabama, on May 28, 1988. Kimbrel is renowned for his remarkable pitching abilities, especially his fastball’s high velocity and capacity to strike out batters.

He has played for a number of MLB teams over his career, including the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, and Chicago White Sox. Kimbrel has established himself as one of the best closers in the sport after receiving multiple honors and being chosen for All-Star games. He is well-known in baseball thanks to his unique pitching technique and competitive nature.

Craig Kimbrel’s Carrer?

Craig Kimbrel’s success as a dominant relief pitcher, especially as a closer, has stood out throughout his professional baseball career. The following is a summary of his career:

  • Career in the Minor Leagues: Kimbrel’s path to the Major Leagues began there. He developed his pitching abilities while progressing through the minor league system with the Atlanta Braves.
  • Atlanta Braves (2010–2014): In 2010, Kimbrel made his Major League Baseball debut for the Atlanta Braves. He made a name for himself as one of the league’s top closers. He won numerous honors and All-Star selections while playing for the Braves, including the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2011.

Craig Kimbrel's Carrer?

  • (2015) San Diego Padres: Kimbrel was acquired by the San Diego Padres in 2015, where he continued to shine as a closer.
  • Kimbrel was then traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2016 for the 2016–17 season. He was a vital part of the Red Sox’s bullpen and contributed to their World Series victory in 2018.
  • Chicago Cubs (2019–2020): In 2019, Kimbrel made a move to the Chicago Cubs, where he remained a formidable force in the bullpen.

Chicago White Sox (2020–Present): Kimbrel was moved to the Chicago White Sox in 2020, where he has kept up his excellent pitching. Craig Kimbrel has a reputation for having a fastball with tremendous velocity, a distinctive pre-pitch stance, and the capacity to strike out a lot of batters. He has a lot of saves under his belt and is frequently regarded as one of the best closers in Major League Baseball. He has received honors and All-Star selections throughout his career, making him one of baseball’s most well-known figures.

Craig Kimbrel’s Networth 2023?

According to estimates, Craig Kimbrel is worth $5 million. The performance of Craig Kimbrel as an American professional baseball pitcher has a significant impact on his net worth.

Craig Kimbrel’s Current Contract?

Early in 2023, the Phillies added Dodgers reliever Craig Kimbrel to their bullpen in exchange for a one-year, $10 million deal. Kimbrel, who is well known for his former success as a closer, is now the active player with the most saves in MLB history.

Craig Kimbrel’s Wife?

In 2012, Kimbrel wed Ashley Holt, a former cheerleader for Wallace State. On November 3, 2017, a girl was born to the couple. She underwent two surgeries and was born with cardiac abnormalities.

Craig Kimbrel’s Family?

  • Kimbrel is wed to Ashley Holt Kimbrel, with whom he shares a daughter as their only child.
  • Mike Kimbrel, the father, and Sandy Kimbrel, the mother, are his parents.

Craig Kimbrel’s Achievements

During his career as a pro baseball pitcher, Craig Kimbrel has won various awards and milestones. His notable accomplishments include:

  • Multiple All-Star Selections: As evidence of his consistently high level of performance, Kimbrel has been chosen for multiple MLB All-Star Games.
  • NL Debut of the Year (2011): For his great pitching in his debut campaign with the Atlanta Braves in 2011, Kimbrel was voted the National League Rookie of the Year.
  • honors for Relief Pitcher of the Year: Over the course of his career, Kimbrel has won a number of honors honoring his prowess as a closer.

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  • Records for strikeouts: Kimbrel frequently ranks among the league’s top relievers, demonstrating his ability to overwhelm hitters with his fastball and breaking throws.
  • (2018) World Series champion: During the Boston Red Sox’s victory in the 2018 World Series, reliever Kimbrel was instrumental.
  • Numerous Saves: Kimbrel has made a large amount of saves throughout his career, a figure that demonstrates his prowess in winning games.
  • Historical Significance: Kimbrel’s unique pre-pitch stance and fastball have established him as a noteworthy character in baseball and cemented his place in the sport’s history.

About His Game?

Particularly as a closer and relief pitcher, Craig Kimbrel is renowned for his excellent pitching skills. Here are some crucial elements to his strategy:

  • Fastball with Power: Kimbrel is recognized for his fastball, which has great power and velocity. He frequently throws his fastball at speeds in the mid-90s and triple digits, which makes it difficult for hitters to make contact.
  • Kimbrel has an exceptional percentage of strikeouts thanks to the combination of his fastball and a precise breaking ball. He has a reputation for being able to record strikeouts in pivotal circumstances.
  • Kimbrel’s primary role is that of a closer, which entails that he is employed to help his team win by maintaining leads in the final innings of games. He is a great asset in this position because of his capacity to remain calm under duress.
  • Unusual Pre-Pitch Stance: One of Kimbrel’s distinguishing pre-pitch habits, in which he raises his glove high in front of his face, has contributed to his scary appearance on the mound.

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  • Kimbrel has consistently displayed quality play throughout his career, leading to multiple All-Star choices and awards.
  • Game-Changing Presence: Because hitters struggle to make consistent contact with Kimbrel, his presence in the bullpen frequently alters the momentum of a game in his team’s favor.
  • Success in the postseason: Kimbrel has a history of doing well in the postseason, where his teams have benefited greatly from his ability to win close games.

Frequently Ask Question

With Whom Did Craig Kimbrel Capture a World Series?

a Red Sox
As the Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series in five games, Kimbrel had six saves during the postseason while giving up seven earned runs in 10+2/3 innings.

How Did Craig Kimbrel Fare?

On the first day of the 2015 season, the Braves dealt Kimbrel. Prior to joining the San Diego Padres (2015), Boston Red Sox (2016–18), Chicago Cubs (2019–21), Chicago White Sox (2021), Los Angeles Dodgers (2022), and now the Phillies, he played for the Braves from 2010–14.

How Excellent is Craig Kimbrel?

With a 2.74 ERA, 38.9% strikeout rate, 0.995 WHIP, 42 saves in 47 chances, and an All-Star Game selection for the 108-win Red Sox, Kimbrel had a usually strong season in 2018.

How Quickly Can Craig Kimbrel Throw?

Craig Kimbrel threw a fastball at 98 mph, which is very noteworthy. It could have been an illusion, something Kimbrel could not repeat, especially against a player like Santiago Espinal, who is a competent player but not one to dread when he steps up to the plate.

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