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Dorothy Stratten Net Worth

Model and actress Dorothy Stratten was a Canadian Playboy Playmate. Dorothy Stratten received the 1980 Playmate of the Year award as well as the Playboy Playmate of the Month award in August 1979.

The late model and actress Dorothy is honored in the following works of fiction: the novel “The Killing of the Unicorn,” the film “Death of a Centerfold,” and the theatrical adaptation Star 80. Find out more about Dorothy Hoogstraten’s career, height, husband, nationality, ethnicity, net worth, and biography.

Dorothy Stratten Wiki

Real NameDorothy Stratten 
ProfessionModel, Actress, Playboy Playmate
Date of birthFebruary 28, 1960
Date of deathAugust 14, 1980
Height Not know
WeightNot know
Eye colorBlue
Birth PlaceVancouver, Canada
SchoolFranska skolan
UniversityNot know
ParentsMother: Nelly Hoogstraten

Father: Simon Hoogstraten

Material statusmarried
HusbandPaul Snider
Networth5+  million dollar

Dorothy Stratten Net Worth 2024?

Dorothy Stratten worked as a professional actress and model as well. Because of this, her acting and modeling careers accounted for the majority of her income. In addition, Dorothy Hoogstraten’s estimated net worth was $5 million.

Dorothy Stratten’s Early Life

The 28th of February 1960 was Dorothy Stratten’s birthday. Regretfully, she passed away at the age of 20. Dorothy was born at the Grace Maternity Hospital in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Hoogstratens are Simon and Nelly’s daughter. They are immigrants to the US who are citizens of the Netherlands. She has two younger siblings as well. Their sister was born in May 1968, and their brother was born in 1961. Louise Stratten is her sister, and John Arthur is her brother.

In 1977, Dorothy Stratten was a student at Coquitlam, British Columbia’s Centennial High School. In addition, she had a part-time job at a Dairy Queen not far from her house. There, she met Paul Snider, a 26-year-old pimp and club promoter from the Vancouver area, with whom she started dating. Later, Snider hired a photographer to take Dorothy’s official nude pictures. He submitted them to the Playboy magazine in the summer of 1978. She convinced her mother to sign the model release form even though she wasn’t yet 19 years old.

Dorothy Stratten Career

Dorothy was a Canadian Playboy Playmate, model, and actress. In August 1979, she won Playboy’s Playmate of the Month award, and in 1980, she won Playmate of the Year. In addition, she made appearances in two or more episodes of US network television shows and three comedies.

Sadly, she was murdered at the age of 20 by her manager and estranged husband, Paul Snider. Paul took his own life that same day. Two films were produced as a result of Dorothy’s passing. These include the 1983 theatrical film Star 80 and the 1981 television film Death of a Centerfold, in addition to the novel The Killing of the Unicorn and the songs “Cover Girl” by the Canadian rock group, Bryan Adams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and “The Best Was Yet to Come.”

In August 1978, Dorothy relocated to Los Angeles and was selected as a finalist for the 25th Anniversary Great Playmate Hunt. She was joined by Paul Snider in October, and the following June, they tied the knot. Playboy crowned her Miss August 1979, and she abbreviated her last name to Stratten. After that, she began working as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Century City.

Dorothy Stratten Career

Hugh Hefner was optimistic about Dorothy Stratten’s ability to succeed as a crossover actress. TV shows Fantasy Island and Buck Rogers both featured appearances by Dorothy. In 1979, She Stratten also starred in the roller disco comedy Skatetown, the U.S.A., and Americathon. She also played the lead in the exploitation movie Autumn Born.

In 1980, Dorothy was recognized as Playboy’s Playmate of the Year. Mario Casilli took the photos. Additionally, she portrayed the lead role in the science fiction parody Galaxina. Hefner, who called Paul Snider a “hustler and a pimp,” is said to have urged her to break up with him.

Dorothy Stratten Husband

Who is the husband of Dorothy Hoogstraten? Dorothy Stratten dated a 26-year-old pimp and club promoter from the Vancouver area named Paul Snider. Dorothy and Paul lived together in West Los Angeles after getting married in June 1979. She subsequently started dating Peter Bogdanovich. Regretfully, Paul killed his young wife and then killed himself with the same shotgun he used to kill Dorothy after they decided to get a divorce.

Dorothy Stratten Legacy

Two movies have been made about Stratten’s murder; Death of a Centerfold: The Dorothy Stratten Story is one of them. In this, Bruce Weitz played Paul Snider and Jamie Lee Curtis portrayed Stratten. Under Bob Fosse’s direction, Mariel Hemingway played Stratten and Eric Roberts played Snider in Star 80 (1983).

Later, at the age of 49, Bogdanovich wed Louise, Stratten’s 20-year-old sister, in December 1988. Peter Bogdanovich covered Louise’s private education and modeling classes after Stratten passed away. Before getting divorced in 2001, they were wed for thirteen years.Jim Valance and Bryan Adams wrote the song “The Best Was Yet to Come.” It was composed to be the last song on Adams’ “Cuts Like a Knife” album from 1983. This was dedicated to Dorothy Stratten as well. She also remembered that Bush wrote the song “Dead Meat.”

What Caused Dorothy Stratten to Pass Away?

On August 15, 1980, at 12:30 a.m., the bodies of Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider were discovered. According to Global News, authorities discovered that Snider shot Stratten in the face with a 12-gauge shotgun before turning the weapon on himself and passing away.

Allegedly motivated by jealousy, Snider employed Mark Goldstein, a private investigator, to monitor Stratten following their split. On the day of the murder, they allegedly got together to talk about their marriage.

When Dorothy Stratten passed away, she was 20 years old. According to rumors, she was interred in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe. Fifteen months after it was published, They All Laughed. According to the New York Times, Dorothy Stratten’s performances in the movie suggest that had her untimely death not occurred, she might have gone on to become one of Hollywood’s most successful comedians.


When Dorothy Stratten passed away, she was 20 years old. According to rumors, she was interred in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe. Fifteen months after it was published, They All Laughed. According to the New York Times, Dorothy Stratten’s performances in the movie suggest that had her untimely death not occurred, she might have gone on to become one of Hollywood’s most successful comedians.

According to ABC News, Peter Bogdanovich wrote a book titled The Killing of the Unicorn four years after she passed away. He said that in 1978, Hugh Hefner inappropriately approached Stratten. He also said that her death was caused by the Playboy culture. Hefner allegedly refuted the accusations, though.

When was Stratten killed by Paul Snider?

Following the publication of They All Laughed in 1981, Bogdanovich claimed in an interview with Good Morning America that he and Dorothy Stratten were in love.

Snider felt marginalized after it was reported that she had asked for a divorce. According to ABC News, Snider shot Stratten in the face after sexually assaulting her on August 14, 1980. After that, he killed himself. The pair was discovered deceased within Stratten’s Los Angeles residence.

According to ABC News, Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider tied the knot in June 1979. She then started landing parts in several Hollywood productions. She went on to win the 1980 Playmate of the Year award. Later, she was cast in a major role in the science fiction movie Galaxina.

Stratten also got to know Peter Bogdanovich, who was going to star Audrey Hepburn in a movie called They All Laughed. It was anticipated that Stratten’s big break would come from the important role he promised her in the film.


To Dorothy, What Did Paul Snider Do?

The couple was discovered in Stratten’s Los Angeles home, where Snider had sexually assaulted the 20-year-old before shooting her in the face with a shotgun, according to ABC News. Stratten consulted her friends for advice because she wasn’t sure if she should marry him.

Was Jamie Lee Curtis Dorothy Stratten’s Role Model?

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Playboy Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratten, whose life and murder are dramatized in this film. First shown on November 1, 1981.

What Became of Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider?

She was in the process of divorcing her estranged husband and manager Paul Snider and severing business ties when he murdered her shortly after she made her movie debut at the age of 20 in Galaxina. Once he had killed Stratten, Snider took his own life.

How Did Dorothy Stratten Come to Be Known?

The model, whose real name is Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, was discovered in her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, while she was employed at a Dairy Queen. Paul Snider, a Canadian nightclub promoter with aspirations of becoming a Hollywood star, was reportedly employed.

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