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Eliud Kipchoge

Kenyan long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge is a living legend in the world of marathon running. Kipchoge, born on November 5, 1984, has constantly pushed the limits of human endurance. Known for his exceptional self-control and optimistic outlook, he gained international recognition in 2018 when he broke the world record for marathon running.

In 2019, Kipchoge made history by being the first person to finish a marathon in under two hours, an incredible accomplishment. This remarkable feat, dubbed the INEOS 1:59 Challenge, cemented his place among the greatest marathon runners in history and served as an inspiration to sportsmen and fans everywhere.

In this article, you will get to know about Eliud Kipchoge Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Kids, Career

Eliud Kipchoge Wiki

Real NameEliud Kipchoge
Date of birth November 5, 1984
Height 5 feet 5 inch
Weight52 kg 
Eye colorDark brown
Birth Place Kapsisiywa Nandi County, Kenya.
SchoolKaptel Secondary School in Nandi County
CollegeNot know
ParentsFather: Jackson Kipchoge

Mother:  Janeth Rotich

Material statusMarried
WifeGrace Sugutt
Networth5 million dollar

Eliud Kipchoge Early Life

On November 5, 1984, in Kapsisiywa, Nandi County, Kenya, Eliud Kipchoge was born. He started running during his early years, having grown up in a rural area. Kipchoge had a strong interest in sports from a young age, and even at Kaptel Secondary School, he was a gifted athlete.

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His commitment to long-distance running became apparent, laying the groundwork for an incredible career that would eventually rank him among the all-time great marathon runners. Kipchoge’s extraordinary athletic ability was greatly influenced by his lowly upbringing and dedication to his trade.

Eliud Kipchoge Career

His career demonstrates Eliud Kipchoge’s remarkable ability in long-distance running. Born in Kapsisiywa, Kenya, on November 5, 1984, Kipchoge’s adventure started in the picturesque surroundings of Nandi County. His early commitment to sports at Kaptel Secondary School set the stage for an extraordinary career.

Kipchoge’s triumph in the 5000 meters at the 2003 World Championships signaled his arrival on the international scene and his eventual dominance in distance running. After switching to marathons, he won the Hamburg Marathon in 2013 and set his first world record.

Kipchoge’s career reached its zenith in 2016 when he won gold at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This was followed by several victories in prestigious marathons. He cemented his title as the unchallenged marathon king in 2018 by shattering the world record in Berlin.

But it was Kipchoge’s historic victory in the historic INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna in 2019 that made history. The seemingly impossible was accomplished by him when he ran a marathon in one hour, 59 minutes, and 40 seconds—that is, 26.2 miles in less than two hours.

Beyond honors, Kipchoge’s career is notable for his dedication to pushing the boundaries of human potential, his positive outlook, and his rigorous training regimen. His impact is felt far beyond the running track, motivating people all over the world and influencing long-distance running in the future.

Eliud Kipchoge Wife

Eliud Kipchoge and Grace Sugutt lead a contented married life based on understanding and support for one another. Raising three children, they have embraced the perks and pitfalls of parenthood together. While specifics regarding their family life are generally kept under wraps, Kipchoge’s dedication to his family and his sports activities highlight the harmony he achieves between his personal and professional lives.

Besides the marathon icon, Grace Sugutt is a rock of strength, providing a loving home atmosphere for their kids while also contributing to the supportive environment that has propelled Kipchoge’s incredible career.

Eliud Kipchoge Networth

The estimated net worth of Eliud Kipchoge is $5 million. The legendary long-distance runner from Kenya has accumulated wealth via a stellar career filled with multiple awards, world records, and ground-breaking feats. His financial success is a result of his endorsements, contributions to the global popularity of the sport, and athletic prowess.

Eliud Kipchoge Acheivements

Eliud Kipchoge’s accomplishments in long-distance running are proof of his unmatched talent and tenacity. He started off at the 2003 World Championships, winning a gold medal in the 5000 meters. Then, he moved on to marathons, breaking records in Berlin in 2013 and London in 2014.

Kipchoge cemented his dominance in marathons in 2016 by winning gold at the Rio Olympics. In Berlin, the pinnacle broke the world record in 2018 with a time of 2:01:39. His incredible feat of finishing a marathon in 1:59:40 at the 2019 INEOS 1:59 Challenge redefined the boundaries of human endurance and cemented his place in sports history.

Facts About Eliud Kipchoge

  • Born Athlete: On November 5, 1984, in Kapsisiywa, Kenya, Eliud Kipchoge was born.
  • Early Passion: While attending Kaptel Secondary School, he developed an early passion for running.
  • Olympic Triumph: Kipchoge proved his extraordinary endurance when he won the gold medal in the marathon at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • World Record Holder: In 2018, he ran the Berlin Marathon in an incredible 2:01:39, setting a new world record.
  • INEOS 1:59 Challenge: In 2019, Kipchoge created history by being the first person to finish a marathon in under two hours.
  • Disciplined Lifestyle: Kipchoge, who is well-known for leading a disciplined life and receiving specialized training, highlights the significance of consistency in his achievements.
  • Endorsements: In addition to running, Kipchoge has obtained financial support from well-known brands.
  • Global Inspiration: Due to his accomplishments, he has gained worldwide acclaim for his sportsmanship, humility, and athletic ability.


What is the Reputation of Eliud Kipchoge?

the best marathoner
Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan distance runner who was born in Kapsisiywa, Kenya on November 5, 1984, is regarded as the greatest marathoner in history. He won every one of the ten marathons he entered between 2014 and 2019. The marathon world record is currently held by Kipchoge: Two hours, one minute, and nine seconds

What Was Eliud Kipchoge’s Pace Per Km?

Throughout the entire race, Kipchoge maintained a pace of 2:50 min/KM, which was set by the electric timing car and the pacemakers. Every KM split was between 2:48 and 2:52 min/KM.

Does Eliud Kipchoge Go for a Daily Run?

At 5.45 a.m. on a regular training camp day, Kipchoge begins his running regimen. He trains twice a day, six days a week, Monday through Saturday. His weekly mileage goal is 200 to 218 kilometers, though he doesn’t always reach that goal.

What is Kipchoge’s Post-marathon Routine?

But like so much else in his marathon plan, Kipchoge defies conventional wisdom here as well. In the process of preparing for the Ineos 1:59 challenge, Kipchoge disclosed that he runs at a leisurely pace for four days following a marathon.

Is Eliud Kipchoge a Sugar Person?

What legendary marathoner Eliud Kipchoge eats: A diet fit for a champion
The marathoner’s diet is as simple as his training: it consists of beans fruits and vegetables that are grown nearby. Kipchoge enjoys his tea sweetened with three teaspoons of sugar, added to his large breakfast mug as a treat.

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