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Hilary Devey was a British entrepreneur and television personality. She was born in Bolton, England, on March 10, 1957. She is most known for her “Dragon” role on the BBC Two series “Dragons‘ Den.” Devey began her career in the logistics and transportation sector by establishing the wildly profitable business Pall-Ex in 1996.

She was crucial in the UK’s pallet distribution industry’s change. Devey has won various awards throughout her career, including the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her contributions to the haulage and transportation sector. She is well-known in the media and in business.

Hilary Devey bio

Real NameHilary Devey
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Television personality
Date of birth10 March 1957
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight65 kg 
Birth PlaceEngland, United Kingdom
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown
SchoolBolton County Grammar School
EducationNot know
ParentsFather: Albert Devey

Mother:  Mary Devey

HusbandMalcolm Sharples and Philip Childs (Ex-Husbands)
Networth10 million dollar

Who is Hilary Devey?

British entrepreneur and television personality Hilary Devey. She is most well-known for her part as one of the “Dragons” on the BBC Two program “Dragons’ Den,” which is a program where business owners present their ideas to possible investors.

Devey established herself in the logistics and transportation sector by starting the prosperous business Pall-Ex. She was crucial in the UK’s pallet distribution industry’s transformation. For her services to the business sector, Hilary Devey has won numerous honors and recognitions. She is a well-known figure in British media and business.

Hilary Devey’s Early Life?

On March 10, 1957, Hilary Devey was born in Bolton, England. She was raised in a working-class home, which made her early years difficult. Her parents separated when she was just nine years old due to the financial struggles her family was through. Despite these challenges, Hilary Devey showed tenacity and fortitude at a young age.

She received her secondary schooling at Bolton County Grammar School. Her early life circumstances and the difficulties she faced as a child had a big impact on how enterprising she became and how determined she was to succeed in business.

Hilary Devey’s Carrer?

Significant accomplishments in the business world, notably in the logistics and transportation industry, have characterized Hilary Devey’s career. Her career’s turning points are as follows:

  • Pall-Ex was established by Hilary Devey in 1996. By creating a hub-and-spoke distribution system, this company completely transformed the pallet distribution market in the UK. It made palletized freight transit more productive and affordable.
  • Business Success: Under her direction, Pall-Ex became one of the UK’s top pallet distribution networks and a highly profitable company. It expanded across Europe and won multiple prizes for its cutting-edge logistics strategy.

Hilary Devey's Carrer?

  • Television Career: Hilary Devey became well-known when she appeared on “Dragons’ Den” on BBC Two as one of the Dragons or investors. She was able to share her business knowledge and make investments in potential businesses as a result of her involvement in the show.
  • accolades and Honors: She received a number of accolades and honors for her contributions to the transportation and haulage industries. For her contributions to the sector, she was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Hilary Devey’s Achievements?

Throughout her career, Hilary Devey has accomplished a number of noteworthy feats, including:

  • Her most notable accomplishment is the establishment of Pall-Ex in 1996. This business revolutionized the hub-and-spoke pallet distribution system in the UK, increasing productivity and lowering costs.
  • Successful entrepreneur: Under her direction, Pall-Ex expanded into Europe and became a highly successful and important company in the logistics and transportation sector, setting standards for the industry.
  • Dragons’ Den: In addition to investing in and mentoring a number of companies, her involvement as a Dragon on the BBC Two program “Dragons’ Den” allowed her to share her business savvy with a larger audience.

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  • Order of the British Empire (OBE): In recognition of her extraordinary contributions to the transportation and haulage industries, Hilary Devey was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).
  • Numerous Awards: For her achievements in business, particularly in logistics and entrepreneurship, she has earned numerous honors and awards.
  • The accomplishments of Hilary Devey are evidence of her creativity, business savvy, and the influence she has had on the logistics and transportation sector in the UK and internationally.

When Was Hilary Devey Passed Away?

Devey passed away on June 11, 2022. She passed dead at the age of 65 at her Moroccan vacation home. Her lengthy sickness was the primary cause of death. Theo Paphitis, Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meaden, and other previous Dragon’s Den cast members paid tribute to Devey, calling her “unique in every way” and stating she “brought grit and warmth with her into the den.” Theo Paphitis stated Devey “left [them] with some fantastic memories, may she rest in peace,” adding that she had passed away “too young.”

Some Interesting Facts About Hilary Devey

Certainly! The following information about Hilary Devey is fascinating:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Hilary Devey’s path as an entrepreneur began with a loan of just £10,000. She used this money to launch her own company. This shows how determined and resourceful she is.
  • She is widely regarded as a trailblazing businesswoman in the traditionally male-dominated logistics and transportation sector. Her perseverance and business savvy have led to her success in this industry.
  • Dragon with a Heart: Hilary Devey was well-known for her clear and no-nonsense style on “Dragons’ Den,” but she also had a sympathetic side and frequently offered the entrepreneurs seeking investment on the program helpful advice and mentorship.
  • Philanthropy: Hilary Devey is active in philanthropic work outside of her business and media careers, supporting organizations like children’s hospices and cancer research.

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  • Awards and Honors: In addition to her OBE, she has won other accolades for her services to business, including the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award and the NatWest Everywoman Award.
  • Inspirational Speaker: Hilary Devey is a well-known public speaker who shares her knowledge and experiences to encourage others to overcome obstacles and realize their goals of starting their own business.
  • TV host: In addition to “Dragons’ Den,” she hosted her own show, “Hilary Devey’s Women at the Top,” where she examined the difficulties and achievements faced by women in leadership positions.

Frequently Ask Question

Who is the Dragon Den’s Youngest Businessperson?

On tonight’s episode of Dragons’ Den, Shay Sharma, 15, made business history by being the youngest person to get funding from Peter Jones. The boy, who was with his father Raj, pitched an outstanding football board game that the 56-year-old longtime dragon was interested in.

Hilary Devey’s Source of Income.

Devey established the palletized freight network Pall-Ex, which brought her fame. Pall-Ex, which debuted in 1996, was the third distribution network in the UK for palletized goods.

Hilary Left Dragons Den for What Reason?

The businesswoman left that year after receiving a hefty contract from Channel 4 to host her own program called The Intern in 2012. She provided three young interns a week’s trial at the fantasy job of their dreams in the business documentary series.

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