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kassi Ashton Age

Kassi Ashton Was born on April 20, 1993, is the birthday of the gifted singer-songwriter Kassi Ashton. In the year 2023, Kassi Ashton Age is  30 years old. Kassi, a California native, is well-known for her unique voice, interesting lyrics, and captivating stage presence. Her sound appeals to a wide range of listeners thanks to the blending of pop, rock, and country influences throughout her musical career.

Since making her debut, Kassi Ashton has gained recognition for her genuineness and original style of using music to tell stories. Her breakthrough single “California, Missouri,” which featured her strong vocals and skill as a songwriter, caused a stir. With an easy way of fusing classic country Kassi Ashton elements with a contemporary flare, Ashton has made a name for herself in the music industry.

In this article, you will get to know about Kassi Ashton Age and more.

Kassi Ashton bio

Real Name Kassi Ashton 
ProfessionSinger and songwriter
Date of birth20 April, 1993
Height 5 feet 6 inch 
Weight60 kg
Eye colorbrown
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
SchoolNot know
UniversityBelmont University’s School of Music, Nashville, US
ParentsFather:  not know

Mother: not know

RelationshipIn relationship
Networth2 million dollar

Who is Kassi Ashton?

American singer-songwriter Kassi Ashton was born in California on April 20, 1993, and is well-known for her energetic style in the country music genre. Ashton has enthralled audiences with her strong vocals and captivating lyrics, showcasing a unique blend of traditional country and modern influences.

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She made her debut in the music industry with “California, Missouri,” and she has since made waves in the field. She stands out in the country music scene thanks to her genuineness and distinctive storytelling. Watch this gifted performer closely as she develops and adds to the rich history of country music.

Kassi Ashton Career?

Born in California on April 20, 1993, Kassi Ashton combined elements of rock, blues, and traditional country music when she started her career. The release of “California, Missouri,” a song that boldly embraced storytelling while showcasing her strong vocals, marked her breakthrough.

After joining Interscope Records and UMG Nashville, Ashton released hits like “Taxidermy” and “Violins,” and he kept making waves. Her distinctive sound in the country music scene comes from the way she blends elements of contemporary music with soulful country tones in her songs.

Kassi Ashton Career?

Beyond just her vocal ability, Kassi Ashton’s career has been distinguished by her genuineness, addressing subjects like love and personal development. Her reputation as a rising star in the business has been cemented by the attention her captivating performances and stage presence have received.

Along the way, Ashton has collaborated with well-known musicians, which has increased her impact in the music industry. She keeps pushing boundaries and adding to the development of country music with each release, which makes her a performer to keep an eye on if you’re looking for new and creative sounds in the genre.

Kassi Ashton Height and Weight

Kassi Ashton, who stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, has lovely brown eyes and light brown hair. Her measurements are 34, 28, and 34 on the body, and she has a fair complexion. She weighs about sixty-three kg.

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Kassi Ashton is becoming well-known in her own nation as well. Huffington Post gives Kassi “crazy props for her songwriting and stage presence,” while CMT praises her for her fearlessness. One of Keith Urban’s biggest stars, called Kassi “such a unique, original creature.” In addition to singing, Kassi frequently goes to the hospital to support cancer patients because she herself had the disease when she was a very young girl.

Kassi Ashton Achievements

Kassi Ashton’s distinct style and talent have garnered her recognition in the country music industry. Some notable accomplishments up to that time are listed below, though some may have changed since then:

Debut Single: “California, Missouri,” Kassi’s first single, brought her fame and highlighted her strong vocals and unique style of country music.

Record Deals: Her signing with prestigious labels such as UMG Nashville and Interscope Records is a testament to the industry’s recognition of her talent and potential.


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Notable Releases: Tracks like “Violins” and “Taxidermy” have strengthened Kassi Ashton’s standing as a prominent musician with a novel viewpoint in the country music industry.

Collaborations: An artist’s influence is frequently demonstrated by their ability to work with well-known artists or by receiving recognition from colleagues in the field. Kassi’s increasing prominence has been facilitated by her partnerships.

Live Performances: She has garnered praise for her captivating live performances and dynamic stage presence, which demonstrate her audience-connecting ability.

Kassi Ashton All Top Songs

Numerous noteworthy tracks that Kassi Ashton has released have become well-known in the country music industry. Among her well-known songs are:

California, Missouri“: Kassi Ashton made her musical debut with this single, which highlighted her distinctive style and strong vocals.

Taxidermy“: This song showcased Ashton’s ability to combine traditional country elements with modern sounds, with an edgy and soulful vibe.

Violins“: Another song that attracted notice, “Violins” showcased Kassi’s compositional abilities and her openness to experimenting with a variety of musical styles.

Frequently Ask Question

 is Kassi Ashton Engaged?

Kassi Ashton, a country singer, announced on Monday that she and her longtime boyfriend Travis Myatt are engaged. After five years of dating, the 29-year-old singer of “Dates in Pickup Trucks” revealed that Myatt, 32, proposed to her while they were visiting Key West, Florida, where they first met.

Kassi Ashton is From Where?

Kassi gives country music a whole new perspective. The singer-songwriter from California, Missouri, made his debut with a number of highly regarded songs that UMG Nashville and Interscope Records jointly released.

Has Kassi Ashton Worked on Projects With Other Musicians?

Indeed, Kassi has worked with well-known musicians to increase her influence in the music business.

Is Kassi Ashton’s Music Available on Any Streaming Services?

Yes, fans can listen to Kassi Ashton’s extensive discography on a number of streaming services.

What Kind of Music Does Kassi Ashton Enjoy?

The combination of modern sounds and traditional country elements in Kassi Ashton’s music creates a novel and inventive take on the genre.

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