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Lianne La Havas Biography

British singer-songwriter and guitarist Lianne La Havas was born in London in 1989 and is known for her soulful, cross-genre music. Her 2012 debut album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” introduced her with songs like “Lost & Found.” Her artistic development was demonstrated in later releases like “Blood” (2015) and “Lianne La Havas” (2020).

Lianne La Havas Biography

La Havas’ smooth vocals and moving lyrics have a strong emotional impact on her audience. She has cemented her position as a significant artist in the contemporary music landscape with her captivating live performances and deft guitar playing, fusing soul, R&B, and folk influences into a singular, seductive sound.

Lianne La Havas’s Bio

Real NameLianne la Havas
Date of birth23 august 1989
Height 5 feet 2 inch
Birth PlaceLondon, England 
Eye color Dark brown
Hair Color Dark brown
EducationNorbury Manor Business and Enterprise College for Girls
ParentsFather: Not know

Mother: Not know

Marital statusSingle

Who is Lianne La Havas?

British singer-songwriter and guitarist Lianne La Havas is renowned for her soulful and cross-genre music. She became well-known after releasing her debut album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” (2012).

She was born in London in 1989. Her music, which incorporates elements of soul, R&B, and folk, is distinguished by silky voice and poignant lyrics. Lianne has established herself as a key figure in the modern music industry thanks to her deft guitar work and fascinating live performances, attracting audiences with her distinctive sound and emotional range.

Lianne La Havas Family?

In the public eye, Lianne La Havas has kept her family’s identity rather private. Her parents, siblings, and other family members have not been extensively discussed or documented in the media. Lianne is renowned for concentrating on her music and artistic careers while keeping her private life, especially her family, out of the public eye. As a result, there might not be much information available on her relatives.

Lianne La Havas’s Career?

British singer-songwriter and guitarist Lianne La Havas is recognized for her eclectic and soulful musical career. She achieved success with her debut album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” in 2012, which received positive reviews and a nomination for the Mercury Prize. Her music, which combines soul, R&B, and folk elements, is distinguished by its velvety vocals and sentimental lyrics.

Lianne La Havas's Career?

Lianne has a number of albums out, including “Lianne La Havas” (2020) and “Blood” (2015), which highlight her artistic development. She is renowned for her captivating live performances, which frequently feature her guitar prowess. Innovation and a singular, emotionally compelling sound have characterized her career.

Lianne La Havas’s Net Worth?

One of the wealthiest folk singers from the United Kingdom is Lianne. The sources we used for our analysis were Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia. Lianne La Havas has a net worth of $5 million.

Interesting Facts About Lianne La Havas

  • Early Musical Beginnings: Lianne La Havas’ early enthusiasm for music is evident in the fact that she started singing at the age of seven and penning her own songs at barely eleven.
  • In her late teens, she busked on London’s streets, which boosted her performance confidence and helped her establish a rapport with her audience.
  • Musical influences: Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Joni Mitchell are among the musicians who have had a significant impact on Lianne’s music and lyrics.

Interesting Facts About Lianne La Havas

  • She received a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Prize for her debut album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” in 2012, solidifying her position as a rising talent in the UK music industry.
  • Along with her music career, she also began acting in the second season of the television series “Top Boy.”
  • Collaborations: Lianne has worked with a variety of musicians, such as Prince, with whom she shared the stage at Paisley Park, and Alt-J, with whom she sang on the latter’s song “Warm Foothills.”
  • Lyrical Depth: Her songs frequently address intimate and contemplative themes, which helps listeners empathize with her music.

Frequently Ask Question

What Has Become of Lianne La Havas?

She received two Brit Award nominations—one each in 2017 and 2021—and one Grammy nomination in 2016. She resides in London at the moment.

British National Lianne La Havas?

Lianne Charlotte Barnes (also known as Lianne C. Lianne La Havas is an English folk, soul, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who was born on August 23, 1989, in London, England. La Havas was born to a Greek father and a Jamaican mother in London, England.

Lianne La Havas: a Neo Soul Artist?

The album leans heavily toward neo-soul, but Sophia Ordaz of Slant Magazine writes that La Havas’s approach is difficult to categorize, existing somewhere between the warm soulfulness of Corinne Bailey Rae, the personal poetry of Amy Winehouse, and the folky melodies of Joni Mitchell.

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