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Mina Sundwall Biography

Actress Mina Sundwall was born in the United States on October 23, 2001. In the well-liked Netflix series “Lost in Space,” which debuted in 2018, she is best recognized for playing Penny Robinson. Sundwall started her acting career at a young age by participating in commercials and short films.

Mina Sundwall

She eventually succeeded in the entertainment sector with the movie “Lost in Space,” in which she plays a bright young girl overcoming obstacles in a far-off galaxy. Sundwall supports mental health awareness outside of performing and uses her platform to spread uplifting messages.

Mina Sundwall Bio

Real NameMina Sundwall 
Date of birth23 October 2001
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight49 kg 
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Reddish brown
SchoolNot know
ParentsFather: Fredrik Sundwall

Mother: Nadja Renberg

Networth4 million dollar

Mina Sundwall’s Early Life?

On October 23, 2001, Mina Sundwall was born in New York City, USA. Her parents are fashion designer Nadja Renberg and entrepreneur Fredrik Sundwall, and she was raised in a family with Swedish heritage. Young Mina Sundwall started acting and became well-known for playing Penny Robinson in the Netflix series “Lost in Space.” Her early years were characterized by a love of acting and a talent that eventually led to a fruitful career in the entertainment business.

Mina Sundwall’s Carrer?

Acting is the main focus of Mina Sundwall’s professional life. She received praise for the following contributions:

  • Sundwall’s breakout performance occurred when she was chosen to play Penny Robinson in the Netflix science fiction series “Lost in Space” (2018–Present). Sundwall plays one of the Robinson family members in the show, a remake of the popular 1960s series, as they face obstacles in an extraterrestrial world.

  • Film roles: Mina Sundwall has taken on a number of roles in movies, but her performance in “Lost in Space” stands out as a career high point. Sundwall’s acting prowess in front of the camera and her contributions to the entertainment business, particularly through her part in “Lost in Space,” have had a lasting impression on her career.

Mina Sundwall’s Family

Her parents had only one child, Sundwall. She practices Christianity and comes from a mixed ethnic background with Swedish and Italian ancestry. Famous film producer Fredrik Sundwall is her father. Her father and she are very close. She frequently shows him images. On her father’s birthday, Mina once showed him a picture of herself as a child.

On the other side, Nadia Leonelli, Mina’s mother, is a producer in Hollywood. She enjoys spending time with her family. Mina and her grandmother are very close.

Mina Sundwall’s Movies and Shows

The sources claim that this young actress made her television debut in 2010 with short films. Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear was her debut short film. She was given the chance to play Kathy, the lead character, in the television series Celebrity Ghost Stories after two years.

The Water Gun Chronicles, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Un vase à Chinatown, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and other shows and films have included her since. As Penny Robinson in the 2018 television series Lost in Space, Mina Sundwall shot to fame.

Mina Sundwall's movies and shows

The third season of Lost in Space premiered on December 1, 2021, according to reports. On her IG feed, she has also shared a few posts from the series filming. Together with co-stars Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins, Taylor Russell, Ignacio Serricchio, Parker Posey, and others, Mina has been in this show. She is now working on her future projects.

Interesting Facts About Mina Sundwall

Despite the fact that Mina Sundwall is best recognized for her acting work, here are some intriguing things you should know about her:

  • Mina Sundwall is from a multilingual family with Swedish ancestry thanks to her parents. Her ability to speak various languages is probably due to this.
  • She actively promotes environmental causes and is devoted to spreading knowledge about sustainability and climate change.
  • Mina Sundwall has utilized her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and de-stigmatize conversations about mental health.
  • Early Start: Sundwall started her acting career early, making appearances in advertisements and short films before securing a significant role in “Lost in Space.”
  • Her father, Fredrik Sundwall, is an entrepreneur, and her mother, Nadja Renberg, is a fashion designer. The lineage of Sundwall is one of innovation and inventiveness.
  • Craft: Mina Sundwall’s passion for honing her acting craft is demonstrated in both her performances and her determination to advance her career.

Frequently Ask Question

What Dialects Can Mina Sundwall Communicate in?

Overview. Sundwall was raised in New York City, where he was born. Mina, who is half Swedish and half Italian, was raised in Europe for a time and is fluent in Swedish, French, and Spanish.

Who Plays Mina Sundwall in Movies?

Most people are familiar with Mina from her performances as Penny in the Netflix original series “Lost in Space,” Francesca in Tara Subkoff’s independent horror film “#Horror,” and Justine in “Maggie’s Plan.”

Who is Lost in Space’s Oldest Child?

Shirley Robinson
American actress Marta Kristen is of Norwegian descent. In the television series Lost in Space (1965–1988), Kristen is best known for playing Judy Robinson, the eldest child of Professor John Robinson and his wife, Maureen.

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