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Riyaz Khan Family

Indian actor Riyaz Khan is well-known for his work in South Indian cinema, particularly in Tamil and Malayalam movies. He was born on September 9, 1972, in Kochi, Kerala, India. His family has a long history in the motion picture business.

1988 saw Riyaz Khan make his acting debut in the Malayalam movie “Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta.” He became well-known in the Tamil and Malayalam film industry as a result of his diverse acting abilities. He has expertly played both good and bad characters, winning praise for his performances.

 Riyaz Khan Family

Among Riyaz Khan’s significant films include “Chandramukhi,” another Rajinikanth starrer in which he had a crucial part, and “Baasha,” a Tamil hit in which he portrayed an antagonist. In the commercially successful Tamil film “Ghilli,” he costarred with actor Vijay.

In addition to performing in movies, Riyaz Khan has performed in a number of television programs and participated in “Bigg Boss Tamil” for a season, which further increased his reputation.

In his career as an actor, Riyaz Khan has received praise for his versatility and powerful on-screen performances. He created a lasting impression on the business, and the South Indian film community still holds him in high regard.

Riyaz Khan Bio

Real Name Riyaz Khan
Date of birthSeptember 9, 1972
Height 5 feet 7 inch 
Weight85 kg
Birth PlaceKochi, Kerala, India
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black
SchoolNot know
CollegeNot know
ParentsFather: Rasheed

Mother: Rasheeda Baanu

Religion Islam
Marital status(married)Uma Riyaz Khan

Riyaz Khan Family

ChildrenShariq Hassan (Elder)

Samarth Hassan (Younger)



Tamil Movie: Athma (1993)

Telugu Movie: Madhuranagarilo (1991)

Kannada Movie: Veera Kannadiga (2003)

Malayalam Movie: Sukham Sukhakaram (1994)

Hindi Movie: Abhay (2001)

Riyaz Khan’s Wife and His Children

In Kochi, Kerala, Riyaz was born into a wealthy Muslim family. His entire family practices Islam and offers prayers to Allah. After a few years, his entire family moved to Chennai. Rasheed Khan, Riyaz Khan’s father, was also a film producer. Rasheeda is the name of Riyaz’s housewife mother.
He has a younger sister named Roshni who is married in addition to his parents. The marital status of Riyaz is married. On July 14, 1993, he wed Uma Kamesh, the elder daughter of veteran Tamil actress Kamala Kamesh.
Roshni, Riyaz’s sister, met Riyaz and Uma. Since Roshni and Uma had been good friends since elementary school, Roshni urged her brother Riyaz to grant Uma a role in his upcoming movie.


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Riyaz summoned Uma for a picture session as a result, and ever since the two have been in love. They got married with the approval of the family after a few months of dating. Shariq Hassan and Samarth Hassan are the names of Riyaz Khan’s other two sons. In the Tamil romantic thriller flick Pencil, his eldest son Shariq Haasan made his acting debut.

Riyaz Khan’s Networth

Riyaz Khan has a total net worth of over 40 crores. He has so far contributed to more than 150 movies. His primary source of income is acting in movies. He bills about Rs. 20 lacks for each movie.

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Actor who speaks many languages: Riyaz Khan is a multilingual actor who has appeared in films in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi. This has enabled him to reach a larger audience throughout India.

Some Interesting Facts About Riyaz Khan

  • Background in the film industry: As was already said, Riyaz Khan hails from a family with a history in the business. His upbringing probably had a big impact on how interested he was in performing and helped him launch a successful acting career.
  • Riyaz Khan is renowned for his versatility in both negative and positive parts, which he can perform with equal proficiency. He has played heroes and antagonists in several movies, demonstrating his range as an actor.
  • Popular Supporting Actor: Although Riyaz Khan has played the lead in a few movies, he is more frequently seen in supporting roles. He has received accolades for his powerful performances in key supporting roles in a number of popular movies.

 Riyaz Khan Family

  • Bigg Boss Tamil: In 2019, Riyaz Khan took part in the third season of the reality television program “Bigg Boss Tamil.” His participation in the program attracted notice and increased his appeal to television viewers.
  • Influence on social media: Riyaz Khan is active on several social media sites, especially Instagram, where he often informs his fans on both personal and professional matters.
  • Riyaz Khan is a well-known dancer in addition to his acting abilities. He has demonstrated his dance prowess in a number of movies and television shows.
  • Awards & Recognitions: Throughout his career, Riyaz Khan has been recognized and given honors for his work as an actor in the movie business, further solidifying his standing as a reputable performer.

 Riyaz Khan Family

  • Riyaz Khan has kept up a fit and healthy lifestyle, and he frequently emphasizes the value of physical fitness and wellness in his social media posts.
  • Humanitarian Work: Riyaz Khan has engaged in humanitarian work and charitable endeavors outside of his professional career. He has backed a number of charities and programs that benefit individuals in need.

Frequently Ask Question

Does He Participate in Humanitarian Efforts?

Yes, Riyaz Khan has supported numerous causes and engaged in charitable and humanitarian work.

What Types of Roles Does He Typically Take on?

Since he can play both negative and positive roles, Riyaz Khan is renowned for his flexibility. In a variety of movies, he has portrayed protagonists, antagonists, and supporting and lead roles.

What Notable Movies Does He Have?

“Baasha,” “Chandramukhi,” “Ghilli,” “Anandham,” and “Nandha,” among others, are some of Riyaz Khan’s well-known movies.

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