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Ryan Gosling Biography
On November 12, 1980, Ryan Thomas Gosling, a Canadian actor, was born. He is best renowned for his work in independent films, although he has also been in box office hits in a number of other genres. His overall box office earnings have surpassed US$1.9 billion. Among other distinctions, he has received nominations for two Academy Awards, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award. In Canada, he was born and raised.
Ryan Gosling Biography
He rose to fame as a kid star on The Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel (1993–1955) when he was just 13 years old. After that, he made several family-friendly television appearances, including Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1995) and Goosebumps (1996). In The Believer (2001), he had his first acting role as a Jewish Nazi. Later, he appeared in the independent films The Slaughter Rule (2002), Murder by Numbers (2002), and The United States of Leland (2003).

Ryan Gosling Bio

Real NameRyan Gosling 
ProfessionActor, producer, musician
Date of birth12 November 1980
Height 6 feet
WeightApprox 76 kg
Birth PlaceLondon, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
SchoolGladstone Public School, Cornwall, ON, Canada,

Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada,

Lester B. Pearson High School, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

ParentsFather: Thomas Gosling

Mother: donna gosling

Religion Mormonism
Marital statusMarried
Girlfriend Sandra Bullock, Actress (2001-2002)

Rachel McAdams, Actress (2004-2008)

Blake Lively, Actress (2010)

Eva Mendes, Actress (2011-present) wife

Ryan Gosling Biography

Debut Television Debut – Mickey Mouse Club (1993)

Film Debut – Frankenstein and Me (1997)

Favorite color Purple, white
Favorite food Calamari drizzled with lemon juice

Ryan Gosling Networth 2023

Gosling established his place in the profession quickly after beginning as a child actor. With a net worth of USD 29 million, Forbes rated him 14th among the top 20 actors in the world in 2017. Despite taking a break from acting for four years from 2018 to 2022, comeback ventures like The Gray Man (2022) increased his net worth to an astounding USD 70 million as of July 2023.


Some Interesting Facts About Ryan Gosling


  • The great actor Ryan Gosling is well known for playing a variety of characters in cinema. He used to smoke, but after filming “The Nice Guys,” he made the decision to stop, demonstrating his resolve and dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle. Even while he likes the occasional drink, he keeps his alcohol intake in check.
  • Ryan’s parents split when he was barely 13 years old, so his childhood was characterized by difficulties. He struggled with being a child and had challenges while living with his mother. He didn’t have many friends till he was approximately 14 or 15.
  • He was greatly influenced by the potent action movie “First Blood” when he was a young man. He was influenced by it and took the foolish decision to bring knives to school and throw them at his classmates. He was identified as having ADHD as a result of this occurrence and was later put in a special needs class.

Ryan Gosling Biography

  • Despite these early difficulties, Ryan also had several satisfying occasions. He and his sister both loved music, and he frequently joined her in song at weddings, displaying his artistic side even as a young child.
  • Ryan made a name for himself in the entertainment world in 2004, when he played the iconic role of Noah Calhoun in the sappy romance “The Notebook.” He rose to prominence and became a well-liked leading man as a result of this portrayal.

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  • Ryan has a successful music career in addition to acting. He shares ownership of the band “Dead Man’s Bones,” which demonstrates yet another aspect of his artistic abilities. Ryan’s interests are not restricted to the entertainment industry; he also explores the gastronomic world. He is a co-owner of the Moroccan eatery “Tagine” which is situated in the center of Beverly Hills, California. A multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, Ryan Gosling’s journey is a tribute to the transformational power of tenacity, fortitude, and embracing a variety of hobbies.

Ryan Gosling Wife

November 2022: It’s official: Eva Mendes and Gosling got wed, and probably have been for a while.

Ryan Gosling movie barbie(2023)

Ryan Gosling is in the cast of the super hit comedy movie Barbie and he will be going to appear in the movie as a character name Ken.

 Frequently Ask Question

Do Ryan Gosling and Barbie Have a Movie in the Works?

The Barbie movie will be shown in theaters on July 21, as originally reported. Greta Gerwig’s fantasy comedy Barbie is based on the well-known Barbie fashion dolls. Ryan Gosling plays Ken, while Margot Robbie plays Barbie, in the film.

How Many Disney Princesses Are Associated With Pixar?

The Disney princesses are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan, Merida, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Moana, and Raya. Due to a rise in the number of Disney Princess characters throughout time, there are currently thirteen officially recognized Disney princesses.

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