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Shawn Boday Entrepreneur

Shawn Boday is an experienced businessman with a solid real estate and finance background. He has a diversified portfolio of profitable companies and has proven to be an extraordinary leader and innovator across many industries. His experience includes technology businesses, real estate development, and investment.

Thanks to his strategic vision and unyielding dedication to achievement, Shawn is well-known in the entrepreneurial world. His outstanding accomplishments and passion continue to spur development and constructive change across many industries.

Shawn Boday bio

Real NameShawn Boday 
Date of birthNot know
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight55 kg 
Birth PlaceNot know
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
EducationUniversity of Washington
ParentsFather:  Not know

Mother: Not know

ReligionNot know

Shawn Boday Entrepreneur Education?

Shawn Boday studied at the University of Washington before founding his real estate company, Perday LLC. One of the most well-known public universities is regarded to be the College of Washington.

The University of Washington moved up one spot to 14th place in the world universities’ instructional rankings for 2018. Shawn studied computer technology at the University of Washington.

After finishing university, he discovered his passion for web programming and started a successful web development company.

Perday Llc is a Shawn Boday Undertaking

The creation of the Perday LLC real estate was the result of Shawn Boday, the company’s founder, having a vision, a strong will, and an idea.

Perday LLC began when someone was buying a building 11 years ago before the company expanded into the success that it is now. From day one, Perday LLC has seen outstanding progress in terms of the company’s anticipated future boom.

Currently, Perday LLC is based outside of the Pacific Northwest. Both Shawn Boday and the staff at his place of business are knowledgeable about the area and the fantastic entertainment it has to offer.

The Pacific Northwest has gained a lot of recognition because of its spectacular splendor and additional herbal resources. The Pacific Northwest has experienced a recent surge of newcomers. Some of the fastest-growing states in the US include those in the Northwest.

According to recent statistics, the number of residents in the area has more than doubled in various ways. Over 200,000 people were touched in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho in just 365 days.

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More businesses start to establish themselves in the region as more people move there. The Pacific Northwest has produced some of the fastest-growing businesses, including MOD Pizza, Bizible, and Lenora Structures.

By assisting them as they advance in the network, Shawn Boday and his staff at Perday LLC give working with groups like those a purpose. Perday LLC helps to gain extra stock across all regions in real estate by looking for regional builders.

Perday LLC has expanded its efforts to include many states, cities, and regions inside the continental United States as a result of one of its successful forays into the real estate market. Up and down the West Coast, Shawn Boday has already made investments in a number of markets.

Shawn Boday Entrepreneur

The real estate ventures of Perday LLC span areas like Northern Idaho, Seattle, Cheney, and the Spokane markets. In terms of their impressive project portfolio, Shawn Boday and his partner have invested in everything from 37,612 square foot mid-rise office buildings in downtown Seattle to condominium buildings with over 200 units.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its breathtaking scenery, as was said in the introduction. All lovers of nature like the Pacific Northwest, from its untamed woods to its lovely mountains. The staff of Perday LLC recognizes its beauty and makes an effort to protect it as much as they can.

To ensure they are doing everything possible to protect the environment, Shawn Boday and his team paint alongside professionals and real estate developers.

Many builders in the real estate industry today ignored environmental interests and, as a result, destroyed valuable habitats. Perday LLC frequently collaborates with activists to make sure that when developing real estate, they are paying attention to the surrounding landscape.

Shawn Boday as an Entrepreneur?

Shawn Boday was able to connect his academic success in this job as an entrepreneur, which enabled him to develop and better shape his clients’ revelations in the digital sphere.

Shawn successfully met the performance demands of his clients by utilizing his unlimited skills in areas like contributing to the web-building process.

Shawn Boday was chosen to engage in several entrepreneurial pursuits. This time, he ventured into the real estate sector. As Shawn gained more knowledge about real estate financing, it became apparent that Perday LLC is a sizable estate and land development investment corporation.

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The business is founded on the tenet that everyone, regardless of where they come from, deserves to live in a home that meets the criteria of being cozy, affordable, and well-built.

The staff at Perday LLC works to support the boom of the area’s general development, from office buildings to the retail area to residential and commercial infrastructure.

Shawn Boday as a Sportsman?

Shawn Boday can be seen playing golf and other outdoor sports even when there isn’t snow on the ground. Shawn could be found performing on tour guides across the Pacific Northwest.

Shawn might be found playing golf at places like the University of Idaho or Chambers Bay in Washington. In particular, this golf course has hosted numerous championships, including the U.S. novice in 2010 and the U.S. Open in 2015.

A brand-new indoor golf simulator is located close to the Washington border at the University of Idaho. Shawn and other golf enthusiasts from all along the Pacific coast have shown interest in the simulator. Shawn thinks it’s unique and innovative how the college relates the game to technology advancement.


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