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Susan Backlinie Biography

The legendary part she played in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film “Jaws” made Susan Backlinie, an American actress and stuntwoman, famous worldwide. She played Chrissie Watkins, a victim who suffered a horrific destiny in the shark-infested waters and was born on 1 September 1946. Backlinie’s eerie performance made an everlasting impression on movie history.

Although she appeared in other movies in addition to “Jaws,” such as “1941” (1979), her connection to the iconic thriller will always be remembered as her most enduring legacy. Fans of the genre continue to honor Backlinie’s contribution to the film industry and her iconic portrayal of dread in the water.

In this article, you will get to know about all the movies of her.

Susan Backlinie Biography

Real NameSusan Backlinie
ProfessionActress and Stuntwoman
Date of birth1 September 1946
Height 5 feet 8 inch
WeightNot know
Birth Place Ventura, California, USA
Eye color Not know
Hair Color Not know
UniversityNot know
EducationNot know
ParentsFather:  Not know

Mother: Not know  

HusbandMonty cox
ChildrenNot know
Networth5 million dollar

Who is Susan’s Backlinie?

American actress and stuntwoman Susan Backlinie is most known for her part in the 1975 movie “Jaws.” In the film’s opening sequence, she portrayed Chrissie Watkins, one of the most recognizable characters in movie history.

At that moment, the great white shark stalking the made-up hamlet of Amity Island claims its first victim—her character. Audiences were deeply affected by Susan Backlinie’s portrayal of the shark attack victim in the movie, and the thriller/horror itself is regarded as a masterpiece.

Susan’s Backlinie Carrer?

Three days were spent filming Backlinie’s scene in Jaws, which involved keeping Backlinie tethered to a harness while the production attempted to get the necessary effects. Contrary to popular belief, Backlinie was not hurt by the harness that was yanking her back and forth in the water, as implied by her startled reaction and cries of agony.

The fact that she was tied to a line that was anchored to the ocean floor beneath her and that she wasn’t informed beforehand about the first underwater pull helped her initially give a more sincere expression of surprise; however, the rest of her performance was her own as an actress.

Susan Backlinie carrer

Richard Dreyfuss, her co-star in Jaws, told her that he was utterly horrified after seeing a clip of her portrayal of being attacked by a shark.

Backlinie also makes a cameo appearance in Spielberg’s parody 1941 of her performance in Jaws, when she gets “picked up” by a Japanese submarine’s periscope rather than being attacked by a shark while swimming at night. The moment has been hailed as one of the funniest in what is generally regarded as one of Spielberg’s least entertaining movies.

Backlinie also starred in Day of the Animals, a 1977 movie about nature gone wrong that some have compared to a Jaws clone.

Susan’s Backlinie Achievements?

Susan Backlinie is well known for playing Chrissie Watkins, the first victim of the great white shark, in the legendary role of “Jaws,” which she played in the film. Although she may not have a large body of work, the movie she portrayed this character is regarded as a masterpiece and had a lasting impact on the cinema industry.

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Her contribution to one of the most important and influential movies in cinema history constitutes her greatest accomplishment. The revolutionary and popular film “Jaws” altered the thriller/horror genre as well as how movies are advertised. It had a significant influence on the film industry as a whole and on filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s career.

Although Susan Backlinie doesn’t have many acting credits, “Jaws” and her unforgettable performance in the movie have cemented her position in cinema history and earned her a well-known name in the industry.

Susan’s Backlinie Awards

No notable honors or nominations were given to Susan Backlinie for her performance in “Jaws.” Despite being a remarkable and iconic scene in film history, her depiction of Chrissie Watkins in the movie did not earn her any notable honors or distinctions. Three Academy honors were given to the movie “Jaws,” which won praise from critics and was a commercial success.

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However, the honors were mostly given in technical categories like Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Sound. As an actor and stuntwoman, Susan Backlinie made a significant contribution to the movie, and her accomplishments are more appropriately recognized by the film’s overall legacy than by specific accolades.

Susan Backlinie Movies?

1977Day of the animal
1981The great muppet caper

The fall guy

1984Terror in the aisle

Frequently Ask Question

How Did Susan Backlinie Fare?

She currently works in Ventura, California, as a computer accountant.

In Jaws, What Happened to Chrissie?

While she was skinny dipping, it happened. She was being dragged around by the shark (Bruce), who had grabbed her legs. Chrissie made a last-ditch effort to save herself by clinging to a buoy, but she was quickly pulled beneath the water and consumed.

What is Susan Backlinie’s Most Well-known Performance?

She played the part of Chrissie Watkins in “Jaws,” which is where she gained the greatest notoriety. Her most major and well-known work is this movie.

What Does Susan Backlinie Bring to the Movie Business?

The cinema industry benefits from Susan Backlinie’s renowned portrayal of Chrissie Watkins in “Jaws.” Her performance in this picture, which had a big influence on the thriller/horror subgenre and is now regarded as a masterpiece, made cinema history.

What Additional Films Has Susan Backlinie Acted in?

Although Susan Backlinie might have worked on or appeared in a few other smaller-scale endeavors throughout her career, her most well-known performance is undoubtedly that of “Jaws.” I’m sorry, but I don’t have access to a complete list of her film credits.

Has Susan Backlinie Won Any Honors for Her Contributions to “Jaws”?

No, Susan Backlinie was not nominated for or won any significant prizes for her performance in “Jaws.” Although the movie itself received Academy Awards in the technical categories, her notoriety is more due to the movie’s overall influence than to any particular accolades.






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