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Who is Diya Kumari Princess
Princess Diya Kumari, often known as Diya Kumari, is a well-known member of the Indian aristocracy. She is a member of the Jaipur, Rajasthan, royal dynasty. She is the daughter of Maharani Padmini Devi of Jaipur and Maharaja Bhawani Singh of Jaipur. Diya Kumari was born on January 30, 1971, in Jaipur. In addition to her royal heritage and active participation in politics and humanitarian activity, Diya Kumari is well-known.
She has actively participated in numerous charity initiatives and made considerable contributions to her community. Diya Kumari has been a supporter of education, cultural heritage preservation, and women’s empowerment. Diya Kumari has spent her entire life championing Rajasthan’s rich cultural history and serving as an ambassador for the royal customs of Jaipur.
Who is Diya Kumari Princess
She is regarded and admired in both royal and public circles for her beauty, grace, and dedication to helping society. It is important to note that Diya Kumari’s contributions go beyond her royal position because she is still dedicated to bringing about change and improving the lives of others.

Diya Kumari Princess Bio

Real NameDiya Kumari Princess
Date of birth30 January 1971
Height5 feet 5 inch
Weight75 kg 
Birth PlaceJaipur, Rajasthan, India
Religion Hinduism
SchoolModern School, New Delhi

G.D Somani Memorial School, Mumbai

CollegePersona Art and Design School, London
ParentsFather: Bhawani singh

Mother: Padmini Devi 

Husband Narender Singh rajawat
ChildrenSon: Padmanabhan Singh

Daughter: Gauravi Kumari  

Who is Diya Kumari Princess

Marital statusdivorced
Assetmovable property

• In money: Rs 92,740

• Bank Deposits: Rs 2,36,11,943

• Shares in businesses, Debentures, and Bonds: Rs 12,49,56,519.20

• Policies from LIC or other insurers: Rs. 1,083,500

• Jewelry: 64,88,421 Rs.

Diya Kumari Princess Controversy

Following her marriage in 1997, Diya Kumari, a respected member of the Jaipur royal family, was subjected to harsh criticism and death threats from the Rajput community.
The fact that a man from the same gotra (clan) was involved in this relationship outraged many. In an odd twist, a Rajput politician with the same name as Diya’s spouse, Narendra Singh Rajwat, organized a campaign of intimidation. He shamelessly declared plans to smear Diya and her husband’s faces with black ink with his cohorts.
He even made the unsettling threat to send out suicide squads to harm the couple. Narendra Singh Rajwat and his allies escalated their hostility by breaking into Diya’s father’s office and fiercely opposing the union. Surprisingly, he proposed that Diya’s mother convert to Islam to officiate the wedding. One of Narendra Singh’s accomplices, Kamlendra Singh, went so far as to threaten the newlyweds with kidnapping, adding to the threats.
Who is Diya Kumari Princess
Another of Narendra Singh’s henchmen insisted that the couple avoid having children and lead celibate lives. The seriousness of the matter cannot be overstated because Diya Kumari and her husband were the targets of these hostile measures because they chose to wed inside the same gotra. Such occurrences bring to light the deeply ingrained conservatism and strict social rules that exist in some communities.
Despite these hardships, Diya Kumari has displayed incredible resiliency and tenacity. She has overcome these obstacles and is still living a full life and giving a lot to her community. Her tenacity and steadfast dedication to her happiness and development are demonstrated by her ability to persevere in trying situations.


Some Interesting Facts About Diya Kumari Princess

  • A multidimensional personality, Diya Kumari is well-known in the worlds of Indian aristocracy, politics, socialite circles, and philanthropy. She proudly bears the ancestry of her illustrious grandfather, Man Singh II, who served as the final Maharaja of Jaipur from 1922 until 1947, the period of the British Raj in India. Diya Kumari made an impressive entry into politics in 2013 by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
  • Her father, Bhawani Singh, was awarded the renowned Maha Vir Chakra in recognition of his valor during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. His ascension to the Jaipur kingdom in 1970 earned him the honorific title of Maharaja, which he held until Indira Gandhi abolished the princely system in 1971. He, like other former kings, continued to be revered despite the collapse of princely realms. Tragically, Bhawani Singh died in 2011 from multiple organ failure, leaving a bravery-filled legacy behind.

Who is Diya Kumari Princess

  • In the days of British India, Padmini Devi, Diya Kumari’s mother, had the prestigious title of Princess of Sirmur, a princely realm tucked away in the scenic region of Himachal Pradesh. Rajendra Prakash, the father of Padmini Devi, practiced polygamy and had two wives: Durga Devi was his first wife and Indira Devi was his second. As the proud offspring of Indira Devi, Diya Kumari carries on the traditions of her maternal ancestry.

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  • Diya Kumari’s journey and her passions have been shaped by her special history, woven with ties to royalty and her family. She has paved her career with dignity and a sense of responsibility, making use of her position to engage in public service, make a contribution to society, and uphold the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Diya Kumari continues to make an imprint via her numerous initiatives, inspiring others with her dedication to public welfare and her unshakable commitment to the advancement of her community.

Frequently Ask Question

The Jaipur Royal Family’s Wealth Level.

With a fortune of around 30,000 crores of rupees, the Jaipur royal family is one of the most powerful among the Indian royal families. The Times of India claims that this family is worth more than $2.8 billion.

What is Diya Kumari’s Tale of Love?

In August 1997, she wed Narendra Kumar Singh, however both her family and the community were against the union. This is because her husband was a member of a less privileged group. Although many people objected to their union, she stood her ground and battled everybody to marry the love of her life.

Currently, Who is the Prince of Jaipur?

Meet Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh, a member of the Jaipur royal dynasty who is renowned for his skill in the kings’ game of polo as well as his rich lifestyle and sense of elegance.

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