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who is Gary Lu in Roadies
Gary Lu is a well-known personality known by the moniker “Gary.” He was born on October 15, 1999, in the lovely city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He will be a vibrant 23-year-old in May 2023, embracing the astrological sign of Libra, and he will proudly be an Indian citizen, anchored in the rich cultural heritage of the country.
Gary’s spiritual path is in line with the teachings of Buddhism, giving his life the values of mindfulness and compassion. Gary’s trajectory was formed by education, starting with his formative years at Dehradun’s St. Joseph’s Academy, where his athletic prowess shined brilliantly.
He skillfully participated in many inter-school competitions as a key member of his school’s football squad, winning and creating an enduring impression as a gifted player. In addition to football, Gary was also skilled at cycling and won a race during his school’s boisterous sports day festivities.
who is Gary Lu in Roadies
His early excitement for dancing, which was inspired by a love of expression and movement, was recognized when, in 2015, he won a prize for his mesmerizing performance at his school’s annual day celebration. When Gary entered the world of professional pursuits, he quickly developed into a well-known personality who was adored by his devoted audience.
He has developed a wide range of skills, attracting audiences with his compelling content and all-encompassing approach to wellness. He is well-known as a charming YouTuber, fascinating TV star, talented fitness trainer, and knowledgeable sports nutritionist.
Gary’s inspirational path exemplifies the unwavering spirit of a complex person who never ceases to uplift people with his love of sports, commitment to health, and desire to promote happiness. He embraces the special opportunities that life presents with each venture, leaving an enduring impression on the hearts of those who follow his enthralling path.

Gary Lu Bio

Real NameGary Lu 
ProfessionYoutuber, fitness trainer, sports nutritionist
Date of birth15 October 1995
Height5 feet 8 inch
Weight75 kg 
Birth PlaceDehradun, Uttrakhand
Religion Not know
SchoolSt. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun
CollegeGuru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi
BrotherKevin lu

who is Gary Lu in Roadies

DebutMTV splitsville 13(2021)
Instagram He has almost 283k followers

Some Interesting Facts About Gary Lu

  • Meet Gary Lu, an Indian YouTuber, fitness expert, and renowned sports nutritionist who embodies flexibility.
  • Gary, who was born into a lowly household in Dehradun, was raised by a loving middle-class family who instilled in him the qualities of tenacity and diligence that would shape his incredible journey.
  • Gary’s physical prowess shone during his formative years as he bravely embraced the world of athletics and graced his school’s football team with his exceptional abilities. He made a lasting impression by winning multiple inter-school football matches, demonstrating his tenacity and desire to triumph.

who is Gary Lu in Roadies

  • But Gary had skills that went well beyond playing football. He was an expert with the pedals and glided through races, winning the championship at his school’s boisterous sports day celebrations. His love of expression and movement drew him to dance, where his rhythmic prowess mesmerized the audience and garnered him a prize at his school’s captivating annual day celebration in 2015.
  • Gary, though, had boundless ambitions. He decided to share his knowledge and enthusiasm through the digital space as he started out on his professional career. He captivates audiences with his compelling content as a well-known YouTuber, inspiring people to start their own fitness adventures. Gary’s expertise as a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist, with a great focus on holistic well-being, has altered lives and ignited the flames of health and vitality inside his followers.

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  • Gary Lu is the perfect example of how talent, commitment, and perseverance can come together in a positive way. His experience is proof of the value of tenacity and the transformational effects of pursuing one’s passions.

Gary Lu loses his Weight From 95 to 75 Kg and Impress the Judges of Roadies


At a startling 94 kg, I was met with an unattractive reflection in the mirror that served as a strong reminder of my unhealthy lifestyle. I made the solid decision to flick the switch and start a spectacular adventure because I was determined to change my life. I took to the internet and shared my story with the always encouraging social media community.


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A post shared by Gary Lu (@garylu_)

I discussed the times when I indulged in constant drinking and partying with pals, giving in to every temptation of junk food, and I revealed the real reason for my weight increase. I allowed myself to deviate even more from the road of well-being
by ignoring all physical activity. But something changed when I awakened one morning, staring at my reflection with a fresh sense of unhappiness. I was no longer becoming the person I had imagined myself to be.
who is Gary Lu in Roadies
The turning point was at that point. I made the decision to act decisively because I firmly believed that the time for change had come. I started a regular workout regimen and, with unyielding resolve, I sculpted my body with each session. I said goodbye to alcohol’s appeal and adopted a healthy diet that powered my body’s change.
As luck would have it, I was given the gift of leisure and isolation as a result of the unplanned lockdown, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
I dedicated my entire being to improving myself throughout the subsequent lockdown period. I labored assiduously, working up a sweat and altering both my physical and mental makeup. My unshakeable devotion and unwavering resilience were put to the test during those grueling hours alone. I’m here in front of you today as proof of the effectiveness of personal change.
I have lost the weight of the past and have transformed into a stronger, healthier version of myself after going from a startling 94 kilograms to a miraculous 75 kg. My experience is a testimonial to the limitless potential that every one of us possesses and is just waiting to be released with steadfast commitment and the will to accept change.


Gary Lu Career

In 2015, he launched his career by creating the “Gary Lu Vlogs” YouTube channel. He began to post intriguing films on traveling, grooming, and physical training. When he participated in the popular TV dating reality show “MTV Splitvilla” in 2021, he gained a sizable following base.

Gary Lu Career

With their votes, his supporters helped him win. He also participated in Roadies. He helps many well-known people with their physical appearance. He works with brands to market their products through partnerships. He received recognition for his dance performance in 2015.

Frequently Ask Question

Janhvi and Gary Still Have a Relationship?

Regarding Gary Lu’s experience in Splitsvilla 13, his link Janhvi was eliminated, and he is now coupled with Avantika.

Who is Splitsvilla’s Gary Lu?

In 2021, Gary Lu participated in the dating reality series Splitsvilla 13. He was a student at the time, yet he appeared briefly in the program. He finished in tenth position. In Roadies, Gary has returned with a determination to win the match.

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