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Actress Zenobia Shroff, who is Indian-American, is well-known for her roles in television and movies. With roles in films like “The Big Sick,” “Francis Ha,” and “The Affair,” she has demonstrated her versatility as an actor. Notable TV appearances by Shroff include those in “The Sinner,” “The Good Wife,” and “New Amsterdam.” In the entertainment business, she has gained respect for her skill and subtle performances. Shroff continues to enthrall audiences with her captivating acting and captivating interpretations in a variety of roles across large and small screens.

Zenobia Shroff Bio

Real NameZenobia Shroff
ProfessionIndian- American actress 
Date of birth27 May 1965
Height 5 feet 7 inch
Weight65 kg
Eye colorBlack
Birth PlaceKalwe, Maharashtra
UniversityTheater Institute at Harvard University
SchoolCircle in the Square Theater School, New York
ParentsFather: Rusi Shroff

Mother: Polly Shroff

Husband N/A
Networth6 million dollar

Zenobia Shroff’s Early Life

Growing up with a childhood love of acting, Zenobia relocated to New York City under the tutelage of Pearl Padamsee. She enrolled in Square Theater School to pursue her primary acting training and learned various acting techniques for a few years. Her outstanding performances in dramas and plays such as Exotic Observations and How to Succeed as an Ethnically Ambiguous Actor brought her recognition as a theater artist over time.

Zenobia Shroff Height?

Zenobia Shroff is an actress whose talent surpasses her physical stature. It is estimated that she is 5 feet 7 inches (around 170 centimeters) tall. Her ability to represent a variety of roles in theater, television, and film is demonstrated by her powerful presence on screen. Even though height might be a physical trait, her impact on the entertainment business is primarily defined by her outstanding performances and adaptable acting skills.

Zenobia Shroff Movies

Zenobia began her mainstream acting career in 1989 as Veera in the supporting cast of Pervez Mehrwanji’s drama film “Percy,” thanks to her growing popularity as a theater performer. She became more well-known as an actor in 2008 after playing Roxanne in the family drama “Little Zizou.” It was a critical and economic triumph, winning the National Film Award for best family-friendly picture.

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Apart from this, Zenobia has acted in a lot of films and short films, including the following: Misaligned (2016), The Big Sick (2017), and Save Yourselves! (2020), 7 Days (2021), When Harry Tries to Marry (2010), Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (2012), and others. Furthermore to this, she received awards in multiple categories.

Zenobia Shroff  Networth

Zenobia Shroff’s estimated net worth of $6 million is evidence of her accomplishments and notoriety in the entertainment sector. It’s crucial to recognize, though, that estimates of net worth are frequently based on a variety of sources and may not necessarily be formally verified. The diversified career of Indian-American actress Shroff and her contributions to theater, television, and film serve as a better definition of her.

Zenobia Shroff  Networth

Though impressive, her financial accomplishments are only one aspect of her whole influence. In addition to her financial success, Shroff’s value comes from her ability to depict a variety of emotions well, her acting versatility, and the respect she has earned in the performing arts.

Facts About Zenobia Shroff

Indian-American actress Zenobia Shroff is well-known for her adaptable roles across various platforms. Among the noteworthy details concerning her are:

  • Acting Range: Shroff has proven her adaptability in the entertainment industry by showcasing her acting talent in various roles in theater, television, and film.
  • She has participated in well-regarded shows like “The Big Sick,” “The Affair,” and “The Good Wife,” lending her talents to these well-liked works.
  • Education: Shroff has a solid background in the performing arts, having refined her acting at Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater Institute.
  • Multi-talented: Besides performing, she has dabbled in writing and content creation, demonstrating her inventiveness and diverse contributions to the business.
  • Respected Figure: In the performing arts community, she has gained respect and recognition for her commitment to her profession and the caliber of her performances.

Zenobia shroff  Acheivements

The main focus of Zenobia Shroff’s accomplishments is her work in the entertainment sector:

  • Versatile Acting Career: Shroff has exhibited her abilities in theater, television, and film, showcasing her adaptability and ability to play a variety of characters.
  • Notable Projects: She has participated in critically regarded shows including “The Big Sick,” “The Affair,” and “The Good Wife,” greatly enhancing these favorable endeavors.
  • Education and instruction: She received instruction at Harvard University’s American Repertory Theater Institute, which cemented her basic understanding of the performing arts.
  • Multifaceted Contributions: In addition to her acting career, she has written and produced content, showcasing her inventiveness and broad skill set in the field.
  • Respected in the Industry: Shroff has gained respect and recognition in the performing arts industry thanks to her commitment to her profession and the caliber of her performances.

Frequently Ask Question

Which Prominent Roles Has Zenobia Shroff Acted in?

She has performed in well-known plays like “The Big Sick,” “The Affair,” and “The Good Wife,” demonstrating her versatility as an actor in a range of parts.

Is It Possible to Locate Comprehensive Personal Details Regarding Zenobia Shroff’s Early Life or Family?

There may not be a lot of information about her early life or family history available in public sources. The main focus of Shroff’s public persona is her accomplishments in the entertainment business.

What is the Stated Net Worth of Zenobia Shroff?

Her estimated net worth, according to her reports, is $6 million. Net worth estimates are based on approximations from the information that is currently available, thus they may vary.

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